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Compact Subcontrabass

Compact Subcontrabass

B♭Subcontrabass Saxophone

  • Handmade
  • Large bore concept
  • Range from low B♭ to high F#
  • Written Range: B3-F#6
  • Sounding: A0-E3
  • Special keywork
  • Brass body and bell
  • Lacquered & beautifully engraved
  • Plastic resin J'Elle Stainer subcontrabass mouthpiece
  • Brass ligature and cap
  • Playable with J'Elle Stainer subcontrabass mouthpiece and special subcontra reeds (made by Legere)
  • J'Elle Stainer special pads
  • Metal resonators 
  • Heavy duty floor rest
  • Special J'Elle Stainer stand fixed on the saxophone
  • Special J'Elle Stainer flight case
  • Final setup in Italy
  • Made in Brazil
  • Part number: JSUC

    The first ever full bore subcontrabass saxophone to be built. A remarkable 27.50 hz for its lowest note. Resembles a Botero sculpture, an unique piece.
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